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Body Repair 

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, we can check your vehicle and report the damage using an insurance approved estimate. There is no charge for this service. We undertake most insurance jobs and we will offer you the best deal possible.

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Electrics and Wiring Service 

We investigate and repair most electrical faults, such as electric windows, mirrors, sunroofs and power hoods, etc. We fit battery switches to save power. We also offer a Jump-Start service.

Labour £85.00 per hour. 



We offer local costumers to pickup and return the vehicle for repairs or services.


Small Service


From £149.99

Full Service

Full service includes the replacement of the engine oil & filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs. We also check all the brakes and all the lights, all tyres and pressure. We will top up the levels of water, Anti Freeze, screen wash, PS oil and gear oil as necessary. We also include a car wash (inside and out).

From £259.99



General Mechanical Work 
Everything to do with mechanical repairs, fittings, investigations of the engine or the clutch, gear boxes etc. 

Labour £95.00 Per Hour.


MOT Testing for Petrol & Diesel Class IV
Ministry of Transport compulsory annual vehicle test. We carry out all the necessary checks and submit your car for the MOT inspection. The price is the same for every vehicle in the Class IV category. 

£55.00 Free Re-test, collection and delivery £50.


Oil Service
This service includes replacement of engine oil and filter, check lights, tyre pressure, check and top up all the levels when necessary, check wipers.

From £139.99




Callout charge


                       All prices plus VAT

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